Engineered Renewable Materials

Network & Business Intelligence

Forest Inc., its directors and advisers operate in a vast network of various industries and industry leaders and have the power to access and influence.

Forest Inc. and Alliancell cooperate on growing the strategic pulp procurement pool helping independent and innovative paper as well as pulp mills mills to reach their sustainability goals.

Forest Inc. is a member of BWPA Council and shares its ideas amongs the members of this very important organisation with a century tradition.

Forest Inc. is building a network which will include e-tail store dedicated exclusively to manufacturing SMEs combined with business intelligence tools that are shared amongst the users, whilst Forest Inc. will simultaniously structure the supply chain for its Enginereed Renewable Materials around the tailor-made needs of every single manufacturer.

The venture targets audience of 18-35 years of age (as independent marketeers, end users) and will contribute to socially responsible developmnet by allowing the people to work from home and stay in their environment, rather than moving to big centers.


Latest News
November 2018
Forest Inc. Think Tank

Forest Inc. is forming a think tank and a know-how cluster, which will be linking forest industries' renewable materials technologies closely with automotive industries.
We believe there is a huge gap between the two and there is much more to be achieved by using forest based renewable materials in the goals to reduce emissions as well as improve recyclability of used cars and similar. More to come soon.

October 2017
Architecture and Art of Living

Forest Inc. joined forces with AND Architects and is actively involved in promoting renewable forest and woof fibre based materials in building structures and projects around the world.