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Engineered Renewable Materials

Forest Inc. is involved in revolutionary packaging solutions in close cooperation with end users under its programme of Engineered Renewable Materials.

The product is a substitute for FBB, SBS and Litho-Lam box constructions and offers up to 40% reduction in weight, whilst in improves the phisical properties and offers perfect printability

The product quantifies Brand Owners' commitment to sustainable and responsible development (numbers, DJSI)

The product decreases total cost of ownership, CO2 emmissions, waste

One Bin recycling

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The product replaces EPS + absorbtion pad for fresh fish and meat portion packaging

The construction balances the absorbtion of any exsess liquids and fat (chicken, salmon agressive fats) and extends the freshness and keeps the product from drying out.

One Bin recycling

PATENT PENDING (No. P-201500082, RS Patent Office)

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Forest Inc. is involved in developing Lignin-based composites will partially or even fully replace PE and PP-based materials for food packaging and barrier materials

Lignin's polyphenolic structure shows excellent antimicrobial and antioxidant properties for Food packaging

Lignin is the most common natural plasticizering filler/material.

Lignin granules shows good properties during process chains (different compounding)

One Bin recycling

Forest Inc. is involved in a large strategic pulp procurement pool, which serves independent and innovative paper mills.

Such organised fiber procurement adds up to better planning, clock work and optimisation of working capital on both sides of the supply chain.

Forest Inc. closely cooperates with Smurfit Kappa on sales promotion of its MB-12 ADSORPTION TECHNOLOGY, the most functional and clean solution for prevention of mineral oil migration.

Latest News
November 2018
Forest Inc. Think Tank

Forest Inc. is forming a think tank and a know-how cluster, which will be linking forest industries' renewable materials technologies closely with automotive industries.
We believe there is a huge gap between the two and there is much more to be achieved by using forest based renewable materials in the goals to reduce emissions as well as improve recyclability of used cars and similar. More to come soon.

October 2017
Architecture and Art of Living

Forest Inc. joined forces with AND Architects and is actively involved in promoting renewable forest and woof fibre based materials in building structures and projects around the world.